7 First Dance Song Ideas

Ok, can we all agree that Perfect by Ed Sheeran is starting to be a little bit overdone as a first dance song? Here’s 7 ideas – none of which I’ve ever heard done before – for you and your boo to dance to at your wedding.


Lover by Taylor Swift

Ok, y’all know I had to be a little bit on-brand to start us off. Taylor Swift’s new album is full of incredible love songs, but this one might be my favorite. It’s a cozy little waltz that’s romantic, singer-songwritery, and Taylor once again manages to put feelings into words that I never would have been able to describe on my own.


Paper Rings by Taylor Swift

I promise, I’m done with the T-Swift after this one! Paper Rings is the upbeat, silly, goofy in love, twin sister to Lover. If slow dancing isn’t your thing and you’d rather do the Carlton or have your partner spin you round in round, Paper Rings is guaranteed to be a fun little surprise for your guests.


I Get to Love You by Ruelle

This song is super special to me because it was my own first dance song! It was a little more obscure back in 2017 and I’ve heard it several times since then, but it’s not overdone yet by any means. The songwriter wrote it as a surprise to her husband at their wedding, which I think makes it even more special. It’s timeless, romantic, and guaranteed to make grandma shed a tear or two.


As Longs As Our Hearts Are Beating by Jenny + Tyler

Jenny + Tyler are one of my favorite little secrets of the singer-songwriter genre. They’re the sweetest little husband and wife team and everything they sing has a beautiful, raw quality to it. This song is about keeping up the feeling of the wedding day long after it’s over, and letting that passion continue.


Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles

If you want something a little less lovey-dovey, more classic and generally happy, Here Comes the Sun is the perfect choice. It’s happy, it’s cute, and it would actually come on the radio in real life.


Tuesdays by Jake Scott

It’s good to remind yourself on the wedding day that it’s not just about the wedding, it’s about the marriage. Marriage isn’t full of glamorous days of white dresses and perfect lighting…it’s full of Tuesdays. It’s about loving each other in the midst of the normal and the mundane. That’s what this song is about, and I love it so much.


Something New by Ollie Gabriel

I heard this song on John Legend’s TV show Songland, and instantly fell in love with it! The writer intended it for it to be one of the classics – a song people will still be playing in 50 years. The song is about how much dating/relationship culture has changed over the years and how he wants to show a girl “something new” – which is really, bringing back the commitment to a lifetime relationship and not giving up on things when they get hard. The music has that classic feel to it!


Are you thinking of using one of these? If you’re playing Taylor Swift at your reception…make sure my invite doesn’t get lost in the mail!