9 of My Favorite Bridal Looks

1. Alyssa

Alyssa’s dress was custom made, and gosh was it beautiful! The vibe of her dress fit perfectly with the old world European style Villa Antonia she choose as her venue. I also loved the placement of her veil on top of her updo which added a classic, old-Hollywood touch to her look.

2. Morgan

Morgan’s dress makes me happy just looking at it. I love how unafraid she was to show off her back and shoulders, as evidenced by her updo. Her venue was the LBJ Wildflower enter – I love that she chose a more simply designed dress rather than one with lots of lace detail that would compete with the flowers.

3. Hannah K.

Hannah’s dress suited her perfectly. It showed off her gorgeously slim silhouette (I mean, those beads going up her back – helloooo!!!) and had just enough detail without being too busy or fluffy. Her hair brought it together with a loose updo and plenty of pieces in front to frame her face. The end result was an ethereal bridal look that was also practical for all the moving and dancing of a wedding day.

4. Linda

Linda was a 2017 bride of mine, and yet I still think she’s had one of the biggest skirts to date. This dress had like…16 layers to it, y’all. Okay maybe not that many, but a lot. Can you believe she ordered this dress online from Etsy??? And it’s a two piece! The skirt and top are separates. Linda’s style is definitely more conservative, so her gown offered her lots of coverage while still having shape and texture.

5. Kristina

When Kristina first put on her dress, I immediately knew she reminded me of some celebrity and I couldn’t put my finger on it. It hit me during the father daughter dance – Princess Mia! Her classic satin dress with an updo is totally reminiscent of Anne Hathaway’s character. A bouquet with magnolias and some pearls around her neck brought it home. I absolutely loved Kristina’s classic, timeless style.

6. Bekah

Man, where do I even start?? I about died when Bekah pulled her dress out of the bag for her bridal session. Those cap sleeves, the lace, the train, the veil….utter romance, you guys. Her hair up hairstyle added to the fairytale vibe. And that gorgeously lush bouquet was the final touch.

7. Hannah D.

Hannah’s dress was like a 2 for 1! The outer skirt slipped off so that she could greet her guests and dance the night away unencumbered by all that tulle. The barely-there top had a perfect amount of lace detail to compliment a more simply designed skirt. Hannah’s personality is creative and laid back with an eye for flair, so a low-key curled hairstyle with some flowers and that gorgeous veil sums her up perfectly.


Allison is bold, creative, and has no problem being the star of the show! Her winter wedding called for a wedding dress that would offer a little more coverage than other options. With sleeves, you can either go big or go home, and she went big! I adore the angelic-wing like detail on her back. The deep V on both the front and back is so daring and just like her. Allison has this incredible collarbone-neck situation (which is a weird compliment, but don’t you agree??), so I was so glad that she chose an updo to show those off. The choice of a shorter veil added just a little something, without competing with or covering up all that beautiful lace detailing on the skirt.

9. Sarah

Sarah’s dress was so unique! In a world full of lace and tulle, she went with geometric patterns and grecian-style beading. The open back of the dress was the perfect amount of sexy, and her train just long enough to give that gorgeous silhouette without being a nuisance. Sarah’s hairstyle was classic with a twist – check out that braid! The brooch at the end of her braid ties the style in with the dress, and also helps cover up any loose ends.