meet lucy

 Photo by: Jenna McElroy

Photo by: Jenna McElroy




Hey, I'm Lucy! I can't really remember the first time I picked up a camera - to be honest, it's just always been a thing. I went to school for music but then decided along the way I'd rather do this. It makes my heart sing, I meet the coolest people, and there's cake EVERY weekend. JK, sorta. 

I'm one of those people where I try to read what level of energy is appropriate for the room. If you need someone to be chill, reassuring, and maybe crack a few jokes to break the ice, I got you. If a little assertiveness is needed to make sure we get those family portraits for your mom, I can do that. But I can also turn up the volume and be excited, bond with your bridesmaids, and put the camera down for a second to sing a Spice Girls song with you! Overall, I'm really straightforward and will do what it takes to make sure your wedding photos are incredible. 


the fun stuff

  • I'm a classically trained pianist - it's actually what I got my degree in!

  • I'm a hardcore Swiftie - I routinely jam Reputation while editing. 


  • My favorite fall drink is caramel apple cider - I'm not so much of a PSL lady. 


  • We love to travel, for work or fun! We're going to Japan in April 2019 and I am ECSTATIC.


  • My husband and I fell in love during late night runs to get Whataburger Honey-Butter-Chicken-Biscuits. 


  • I started in weddings when I was 15 years old as an intern. I didn't even know I wanted to be a wedding photographer at the time! I think I just liked the cake? 



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