the lp experience

 Photo by: Jenna McElroy

Photo by: Jenna McElroy

      Hi, I'm Lucy! I'm so honored to be considered as your wedding photographer. 

        I remain in awe at the fact that so often, total strangers invite me into the best, biggest, happiest day of their lives. It takes a world of trust to ask a person to document your wedding day, and I am forever honored that my couples choose me. I started out in the industry 7 years ago as an intern to a wedding photographer, I've owned my own business for 2 years, and I believe in creating something that lasts a lifetime. Your wedding day is about the unique connection between you and your partner, the elegant details that reflect your values and style, and preserving all those things in the most beautiful light so that generations from now will remember your legacy. 

        So what can you expect when you hire me? 

1. Extremely prompt communication. I respond to emails as fast as 15 minutes sometimes, but always within 24 hours. Whether you've just inquired, or you've already signed your contract, expect top notch communication. I work hard to make you my number one priority and part of that is allowing myself to be accessible and approachable.

2. The perspective of an actual bride. I JUST got married myself!  My husband, Isaiah, is my favorite person in the whole world. We got married in July of 2017, so I've been on both sides of this thing. You'll also have a chance to be a part of my exclusive VIP Facebook group for LP couples where I'll share tips and tricks, vendor recommendations, and keep in regular contact with you - just another resource I provide. 

3. I care about you a whole lot, and you guys come with people. You come with families and friends that are just as much a part of your day as you are. I take the time to learn and memorize the first names of key family members, bridal party., and vendors This is helpful for organization, but I also firmly believe that people feel like they MATTER when you know their name. By the end of your day, your mom is going to want to adopt me. The uptight coordinator at your church is going to be singing my praises after working with me. I make people feel heard and valued. I believe in the power of a heartfelt "Thank you." I'm not the kind of professional that wears black and stands in a corner. I'm the kind of professional that's actively involved in everything that's going on, making sure you have the best day of your life.


the fun stuff

  • I'm a classically trained pianist - it's actually what I got my degree in!

  • I'm a hardcore Swiftie - I routinely jam Reputation while editing. 


  • My favorite fall drink is caramel apple cider - I'm not so much of a PSL lady. 


  • I'm super goofy and awkward situations crack me up. I will absolutely make a fool of myself while shooting in order to get my subjects to laugh. 

  • My husband and I fell in love during late night runs to get Whataburger Honey-Butter-Chicken-Biscuits. 

  • I started in weddings when I was 15 years old as an intern. I didn't even know I wanted to be a wedding photographer at the time! I think I just liked the cake? 



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