Joy After Tragedy: A December Wedding


Just days after Christmas, family and friends of Chris and Hannah gathered together to celebrate their union. Every wedding is uniquely special, but this particular couple's story made their celebration so much sweeter. Hannah and Chris have both been married before, and both lost their spouses prematurely to illness. After a time of grief and healing, they found one another and fell in love. That day, as the light turned golden on an unusually moderate winter day in Texas, and with full knowledge of what the phrase, "until death we do part" truly means, Hannah and Chris promised. They vowed. They brought her two sons and his daughter, and they made a family. I had the opportunity to second shoot this wedding alongside Ruth Eileen Photography, who happened to be a dear friend of the couple. One of my favorite details from the day was when Hannah asked me to capture a locket that was special to her. Inscribed inside it were the words, "Choose happy." She told me that given the circumstances life had dealt her, she made a choice. She could have chosen brokenness, or she could have chosen healing, and ultimately, happiness. Choose happy.