not like that.

But seriously – I want to be the easiest part of your wedding day.

When we’re taking photos, we’ll focus on you rather than the posing. I’ll help you feel like naturals in front of the camera and never stiff or stuffy. Lots of affection and dress twirling are encouraged and you’ll never wonder what to do with your hands. We’ll have fun, genuinely laugh, and probably break it down on the dance floor together. Making fine art photos should be nothing but fun and I’ll make sure of it.

I’m a professional photographer, yes. But I also consider myself a professional light-finder, family-manager, nerve-calmer, good energy-bringer. My job is as much about making beautiful images as it is keeping the day flowing and everyone happy. My skills extend beyond the camera and into the vibe of your whole day. When I show up, you can take a deep breath and relax because (a la Olivia Pope),

“It’s handled.”

I deliver images to you, like, crazy fast. Like, same day sneak peek fast. I will offer guidance throughout your planning process to save you hours of research. I’m here to remove stress and cheer you on. I will be your hype girl. As soon as you book me, I’m counting down the days until your wedding alongside you.

I just went through the whole wedding planning process myself and I know exactly how you’re feeling. And I want to give you a note of encouragement: being married is so.much.fun. Sure, getting engaged and having the wedding is pretty cool too. But it all leads up to marriage and I gotta say, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.


So let me help you celebrate the engagement stuff before you get to the REALLY good stuff.