frequently asked questions


Q. Are your packages customizable?
ANSWER: They sure are! Add what you need, take off what you don't.

Q. Can I schedule an in-person meeting with you before we book?
ANSWER: Due to the high number of inquiries I receive, I'm not able to meet with in person with every single couple. I conduct all of my initial meetings over Facetime so that we still get that face-to-face connection! And bonus, you get to wedding plan from the comfort of your own couch. :)

Q. How long does it take for me to receive my images afterwards?
ANSWER: I deliver portrait sessions (engagements, etc.) in 2 weeks and weddings in 3-5 weeks! 

Q. Do I get digital images? 
ANSWER: YES! You'll receive 75-100 high-res images *per hour of wedding coverage* from your wedding day that you can print, download, and share to your heart's content. 

Q. Do you offer video services? 
ANSWER: As of right now, I don't offer video! However, I have lots of super talented friends who do incredible video, and I'd be happy to send you their names!

Q. What is a print credit? 
ANSWER: It's just that - credit towards prints and albums! It's sort of like having a gift card. You can use it for a wedding photo you'd love to display in your home, you could use it to print an engagement photo to display at the reception - these are just a few ideas! 

Q. Do I get all the images from my day? 
ANSWER: I do you a favor and delete all the blinkers, duplicates, ones where I was testing my exposure settings, and anything else that's just generally not up to my professional standards. Trust me when I say that when you scroll your gallery, you can be assured that these are truly ALL the best images from your day, and there aren't any gems sitting in the depths of my hard drive. 

Q. Can I have the RAW files? 
ANSWER: Me giving you the RAW files would be delivering an unfinished product, so no! As a professional, you don't just hire me to shoot your wedding day - you also trust my experience and creativity to edit your images in a way that's consistent with my portfolio. This is why it's important to make sure you LOVE my style before booking me :)

Q. What do you shoot with? 
ANSWER: I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III, a variety of L series (Prime) lenses, and Canon flashes (when it's dark). Sometimes I break out my little Canon AE-1 film camera too!

Q. Do you shoot film?
ANSWER: I'm primarily a digital shooter, but I hope to incorporate more film into my workflow within the next year. I'll shoot it every now and then. 

Q. Do I get the rights to my images? 
ANSWER: You'll receive a print release as part of your package! This means you can print, share, and post your photos all you want! The only things you can't do are edit them or use them commercially. 

Q. Who is your second shooter? 
ANSWER: I have a handful of experienced, super fun wedding photographers that I've worked with several times and I have different ones join me based on their availability. 

Q. What if you're sick on my wedding day, or something happens to you?
ANSWER: First off, I would have to be literally on my death bed to miss your wedding. I will push through ANYTHING to make it to a wedding - mind over matter. But in that rare and drastic case, my carefully selected second shooter would step into the role of lead photographer, and a new second shooter would be found from a list of photographers whom I trust. In the case of my untimely death, I have systems in place to make sure my upcoming weddings would be photographed, and then weddings I've already shot would be accessible and edited. Basically, yes I've thought about this, and yes you'll be taken care of. 

Q. Can I substitute a bridal session for an engagement session?
ANSWER: It is SUPER important to me to get the chance to bond with BOTH of you before the wedding day. I don't want to be a stranger, and I don't want to shoot a stranger's wedding! Your wedding portraits will be so much more relaxed and easy if you have the chance to practice being in front of my camera together beforehand. 

Q. My wedding isn't in the San Antonio area! Can I still hire you? How does that work? 
ANSWER: I am *constantly* on the road between Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Travel to San Antonio and Austin areas is complimentary. Anything outside of those areas typically requires me to spend extra on gas and stay overnight. I'm usually able to keep travel costs under $200 for travel to Dallas and Houston. If you're out of state, I have special destination packages available for you that include travel! Email for specific pricing. 

Q. I'm super awkward. Can you help me look good in photos? 
ANSWER: You've come to the right person. I don't pose, I direct! I'll give you cues, activities to do, and facilitate genuine connection between the two of you. Your portraits should be relaxed, fun, and YOU! We don't do stiff poses around here, but I also don't leave you out in the cold not knowing what to do. 

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