How to Get Better Getting Ready Photos

I love photographing wedding mornings for many reasons – the anticipation in the air, the controlled chaos of the bridal party, the joy as the bride puts on her dress for the first time. They’re truly some of the most special moments of the day, and shooting them allows me to tell the story of the entire wedding day. Here’s seven tips to get better getting ready photos.


#1. Prioritize good lighting

Choose a venue that has a bright, naturally lit, spacious area for getting ready. This is 90% of the battle. If your venue doesn’t have this, consider booking a nearby hotel room with plenty of windows to get ready in. Natural light makes allllllll the difference in your photos, trust me!


#2. Avoid clutter.

Have everyone keep their personal belongings all in the same corner or better yet, a side room. You probably don’t want random articles of clothing, bags, and makeup strewn about for your photos. Also be mindful of trash (plastic bags, food trash, etc) and have your wedding party do a little bit of cleaning up from time to time! 


#3. It’s all in the details.

Gather your details ahead of time. This will be one of the first things I shoot when I arrive. It helps me get warmed up and helps you and your wedding party get used to having a camera around! Have everything you want shot all together in one place so I can just grab and go. Not sure what all you need? Check out my checklist here. 


#4. Have a getting ready outfit.

Whether you go the floral robe route or do something else, just make sure you have something to get ready in! Pro tip: wear something that you won’t need to pull over your head (like a t-shirt) when your hair and makeup are done. Consider a button down or a robe instead! Need ideas? I got some for you.


#5. Give yourself extra time.

Your beauty process on your wedding morning will take a lot longer than you’re used to! Plan some buffer time in there so that you and your people can be relaxed while you primp. 


#6. Have some tunes ready to go!

Have a good playlist in your pocket. Nothing is weirder than walking into a quiet getting ready room! Have a few hours of happy, upbeat music to play in the background to keep the atmosphere alive.


#7. How it goes is up to you.

Decide to have a great time. While you’re in a chair getting your hair and makeup done is PRIME TIME for your mind to start wandering and stressing about every little detail. Do what you need to do to be in a great headspace that morning – whether that’s grabbing a mimosa or two, having a hard and fast “no visitors” rule in the getting ready suite, or outsourcing a last minute task to a bridesmaid…its imperative that you remain stress free and happy! Decide now to have a great day no matter what happens. After all, you’ll be married at the end of this, and that’s really all that matters! Keep the main thing the main thing.


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