Hayes Hollow Wedding at Hidden Falls | San Antonio Wedding Photographer | Hidden Falls Wedding Photos

Hallie + Markell’s wedding was one of those where you walk in, and everyone treats you like family right away. I mean it when I say that these two had THE biggest and best bridal party I’ve ever seen. All twenty of those people were Hallie and Markell’s biggest cheerleaders – always keeping the energy up, the laughter going, and the joy abundant. The bridesmaids squealed appropriately when Hallie got dressed, and the groomsmen did everything silly/annoying that they could to get Markell to crack a smile. You guys know me – I live for those sweet, joyful moments, and this day was FULL of them. Hallie’s mom helping her with her veil, the toasts, the letter exchange, gahhh.

Also…you’d never guess it by the photos, but Hallie and Markell saved their very first kiss for their ceremony. I even confirmed with a bridesmaid to make sure of this as I was editing because I was like, “Ummmm these kisses are way too sexy and steamy and delicious for them to be first-timers!” Nope! I guess some people are just pretty kissers. Congrats you two! I can’t wait to see where in the world the Lord takes you….and of course the gorgeous babies y’all are gonna make AM I RIGHT.