How to Create a Gorgeous Wedding Table

Your wedding tables are the focal point of the reception. The design of the table can be the difference to a guest sitting down at just another wedding, and inviting them to an experience that wholly reflects and celebrates the love you share as a couple. Most couples expect to choose centerpieces, but have you thought about the place setting design? The accents? Here’s some tips to help you create a gorgeous wedding tablescape that reflects your personality. 

1. Does the carpet match the drapes?

Consider your venue as you choose your dinnerware and florals, so that everything ties together for a cohesive vision. For example, trumpet centerpieces may be more at home in a ballroom than a barn. Consider a silk gauze runner instead of plain tablecloths if you’re getting married at a winery or having an outdoor reception. If you want your wedding to have an extra luxe feel, opt for velvet linens over standard. Not everything needs to match (if that’s not your style), but everything should still compliment each other and make sense inside the context of the rest of the wedding.

2. Have a moodboard.

Another way to make sure your details are cohesive. Start with a mood board so that your color palette + style is clear. If you haven’t already, take the time to really be inspired and dive deep into who you are and how that could translate into a visual design. What I DON’T mean by this is just scrolling on Pinterest and picking out random cute things that don’t tie back to you in any way. Think about your hometowns, your hobbies, objects or places that marked significant moments in your relationship. Planning a wedding is probably new territory for most of you – don’t let comparison, overwhelm, or insecurity hold you back from making sure the design of your day reflects YOU. 

3. Use layers. 

A good table is going to have layers. It adds shape, depth, and texture. Try layering your plates (charger, dinner plate, salad plate). Then add a menu, the napkin, the flatware, the placecard, and finish it off with a personal touch. The options are endless. You can also create the illusion of layers by having your florals match the linens instead of contrasting against them. Scatter pieces of fruit along the table so that they mix in with the candles and florals. 

4. Include personal details. 

Every detail of your wedding should tell the story of who you are, your table included. Take every opportunity to incorporate your style. Don’t want everything to match? Mix and match some different dinnerware sets to create one that’s uniquely yours. Big fans of the beach? Scatter seashells among your table runner. Reimagine the table numbers. Is there a way they could reflect a hobby of yours or where you grew up? Could the finishing detail of your place setting be a sprig of floral or herb that’s meaningful to you (an herb your grandmother used to cook with, a flower from where you were born), or even a cookie or other small treat in the shape of your home state? 

Here’s some specifically ~Austin, Texas~ ideas I thought of: 

  • a mini margarita at every place setting
  • Scattering lime and lemon slices throughout the table.
  • Texas shaped acrylic place cards
  • Table numbers in Spanish
  • Table numbers printed on vintage botanical paper (specifically, bluebonnets)
  • A regular water glass alongside a Topo Chico

5.. Make sure everything is set straight. 

Having the correct pieces is only half the job – the other half is making sure they are set properly. Take the time to make sure the dinnerware is stacked and centered, that the flatware is straight, that the chairs are straight, and that the styling is what you wanted. The best way to accomplish this is by hiring a planner that also has an eye for design and styling. Some of my favorites are Mayhar Design, Blue Sparrow Events, and Kindle and Gather!


I hope these tips empower you to design a table that you’re proud to show off – not one that looks like an afterthought!