Frequntly Asked Questions



How long does it take for me to receive my images afterwards?

You'll receive 2-3 sneak peeks the SAME DAY as your session or wedding! I deliver full galleries for portrait sessions (engagements, boudoir, bridals etc.) in 2-3 weeks and weddings in 3-5 weeks!


Do I get digital images?

YES! You'll receive 75-100 high-res images *per hour of wedding coverage* from your wedding day that you can print, download, and share to your heart's content. Even if I take the image on film, you'll receive it as a digital file.


Do you offer video services?

I just do photos! BUT I can hook you up with some awesome videographers!


Do I get all the images from my day?

It's important to me to deliver you a gallery that is cohesive and meets my artistic and quality standards. That said, I do err on the side of overdelivering on images, especially if I feel like the moment is special. Trust us that we don't miss a moment, but we also are going to give you a gallery that is the cream of the crop.


What do you shoot with?

As a hybrid photographer, I shoot your wedding day on both film and digital camera systems. When I shoot film, I shoot on a medium format Pentax 645. When I shoot digital, I shoot on a Canon 5D Mark III and an assortment of L-series lenses. I also bring lighting equipment to your wedding to ensure that your wedding photos stay gorgeous, even after the sun goes down.


Can I print my photos myself?

You'll receive a print release as part of your package! Now, if you take your photos to Target or Costco and they come out green and pixelated, you're on your own! If you want to make sure your prints are gorgeous, accurate representations of my work, and last forever - I can hook you up!


Who is your second shooter?

I have a handful of experienced, super fun wedding photographers that I've worked with several times and I have different ones join me based on their availability.


What if something happens to you - you get sick, etc?

In that rare and drastic case, my carefully selected second shooter would step into the role of lead photographer, and a new second shooter would be found from a list of photographers whom I trust. Yes, I've thought about this. Yes, you'll be taken care of. That's why you hired a professional in the first place!


Do you travel?

Absolutely! I often travel to Dallas or Houston for my clients, sometimes out of state, sometimes out of the country! Please mention where your wedding is located when you inquire so I can include the travel fee in your quote.


How will you pose me?

It's a mix! We'll do some where I straight up tell you how to stand, adjust every little detail, and make sure you look GOOD. We'll also do some that are a little more relaxed where I give you guys something to do together to create a candid reaction. Every couple is a little different and I adjust what that mix looks like based on your personality!

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