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I am SO SO happy for these two and have been so excited to share their proposal story and the adorable images!

Rob came to me about 2 weeks ago, telling me that he planned on proposing to his girlfriend Venus, and he wanted to orchestrate a fake “best friends” photoshoot in order to do it. We carefully planned out how it would go – I ran a fake Instagram contest, one of Venus’ friends who was helping us plan “won” it, and when the girls showed up – you bet we actually did a best friends photoshoot! They all looked like something straight out of Gossip Girl!

I started to single Venus out just a little bit, but I was trying to hard not to make it obvious….so I think I pretended to forget her name a few times? I was like “Hey you in the middle, can you look back at me?”

Then I told the girls I was going to get a few individual shots and asked Venus to go first. As I positioned her, I explained to her the importance of continuing to look straight ahead towards me, no matter what else I directed her to do (how to stand, etc.) Still completely unsuspecting, she happily went along with it. As I’m styling her, Rob comes up behind and says “Hey Lucy, could I borrow Venus for just a minute?” You can see how the rest unfolds….

Of course, I couldn’t help but steal them for a few quick #freshlyfianceed photos. I’m actually legit proud of Venus for how sweet and natural she looks in these, after just having the surprise of her life. It’s hard to see in this photo below, but again….Rob is literally perfect and proposed right under the Navarro street bridge along the Riverwalk, which just happens to be his last name as well. Anyone have hashtag suggestions??