Should It Matter If A Photographer Hasn’t Worked At Your Venue?

So, you’ve found a photographer. You love their style, they’re in your budget, your personalities click, and you love their style of communication. But you’re hung up on one thing….they haven’t shot at your venue before. I’m here to explain why, with this right photographer, this doesn’t matter at all. In fact, you might miss out on the opportunity to work with someone amazing if you limit yourself to only people with experience at your venue. 

Lighting changes day by day.

The way a venue looks, and what spots have good lighting, can change drastically between seasons. In the spring, there might be certain spots with lots of beautiful trees that offer shade. In the winter, that exact same spot could be completely bare with harsh lighting. On a cloudy day, you can shoot almost anywhere because the lighting is so even. On a sunny day, you have to be conscious about what direction your subjects are facing. Lighting is constantly changing and just because a photographer has shot at your venue once, doesn’t mean the lighting will be the exact same next time.

You want a fresh perspective

Part of what you are hiring your photographer for, is their creativity. You want your wedding photographer to be inspired to create amazing photos for you. Working in the same space over and over again can make photographers get bored/comfortable and their photos all start to look the same. Do you want the exact same photos as 10 other couples who got married before you? Someone who hasn’t shot there (or often) before might notice a spot or find a perspective that you wouldn’t have thought of.

A good photographer can shoot and make magic in any venue/lighting situation.

Wedding photographers make incredible photos happen in the worst of situations. We are trained to handle timelines running behind, family not cooperating for photos, bad weather, rowdy wedding parties, flower girl meltdowns, and so much more. Trust me when I say that the lighting at your venue is usually the least of my concerns. I’ve seen it all! 

A good photographer will prepare to shoot at your venue.

All of the above being said, preparation for shooting somewhere new is key. If I haven’t shot somewhere before, I research the heck out of it on Google. I also show up at least an hour early (probably two) on the wedding day to scout. If my schedule allows, sometimes I’ll even attend your final walkthrough of your venue. The key is to book a photographer who is committed to giving you such an amazing experience that you have zero concerns going into your day. 

There are so many venues in Austin/Dripping Springs nowadays – with more popping up it seems every day! Don’t write off a photographer just because they haven’t had the chance to work at your venue yet. Most photographers work at new-to-them venues all the time. The right person will come prepared, work hard to reassure you, and come to your day inspired to create amazing photos for you. If that’s the sort of experience you’re looking for, reach out here to see if your date is available!