The Best Candid Moments of 2019

Candid photos are usually my favorites from a wedding day. They’re the unexpected moments that are filled with emotion. The romantic portraits are important, don’t get me wrong….but photos like these are what allow you to relive your wedding day through photos. Enjoy this collection of all my favorite candid moments from 2019.

1. Brandi giving her dad a letter that she wrote.

2. I’m not sure what Logan said here, but it got a laugh!

3. Alex’s first look with her dad.

4. Madison and Matthew’s epic first dance!

5. Ellyn’s father’s iconic reaction to her gift.

6. The flower girls may have taken “make her the center of attention” a little too literally.

7. Natalie and her mom sharing their excitement.

8. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

9. Jesse threatening to run off with Sarati.

10. When Jake proposed to Sarah and we were ALL CRYING.

11. Waiting with their parents outside the courthouse.

12. These wedding guests…and Mia’s laugh.

13. Celebrate the newlyweds!

14. Stephanie taking a moment with her grandfather.

15. Mom and daughter moments get me every time.

16. Morgan’s reveal with her bridesmaids. Those faces!

17. Krstyn marrying her best friend.

18. Sarah reading her letter from her groom.

19. Sister sister.

20. Bekah and Wade being goofballs.

21. The MOB and MOG sharing a moment.

22. Important wedding day twirls.

23. That best man speech be like…

24. What Carlos whispered will forever remain a mystery.

25. Not pictured: photographer dodging a cork missle.

26. Liz + mom taking a second together.

27. I can only hope for Nicole to have a daughter and recreate this photo with her someday. *cue tears*

28. Alyssa having a blast in her wedding dress.

29. Who said it’s only the grooms that cry?

30. That “finally married” feeling!

31. I call this the: “my eyes are up here.”

32. Joss and her dad absolutely owning their dance.

33. When Valerie was consumed by tulle there for a minute.

34. Cole walking both his parents down the aisle.

35. When you just gotta have one more kiss.

36. Victoria, aka, the most adorable human ever, going for a hug after reading her vows.

37. Elizabeth being escorted down the aisle by her son. I’m not ok.

38. Father/daughter first looks get me every time.

39. I just love this dramatic shot of Kelsey walking to her ceremony.

40. I highly recommend having FUN during your wedding ceremony.

41. I think they forgot I was there…which I am totally okay with.

42. Grant looking like a kid in a candy store.

43. And last but not least…Valerie and Matthew surrounded by all their people.