The Five Best Engagement Session Locations in Austin

Picking a place to take your engagement photos isn’t always easy – but don’t worry, I gotchu! I shoot about forty engagement sessions every year, so I’ve had plenty of experience to separate the “WOW” locations from the “eh.” Along with each location I mention, I’ll be linking to a full gallery that I’ve shot there – so feel free to check it out!

And one last thing – a lot of these spots are my favorites because they offer so much variety. No two engagement sessions are ever the exact same. You guys are going to bring your own outfits, stories, and energy to a location, so your session will be totally unique to you two! Choose a location that’s a representation of your personalities, and then enjoy one of the more fun check marks on your wedding to-do list. 🙂



#1: Laguna Gloria

Laguna Gloria is SUCH a stunning location. It’s part of The Contemporary ATX and serves as an art school and is also rented out as a wedding venue. It almost doesn’t even look like Austin! There’s a lot of variety in backgrounds, from the art school building itself, to the garden-like grounds that surround it, even offering tropical foliage and waterfront views in certain areas!

Bonus tip: It’s only 5 minutes from Mount Bonnell – a gorgeous overlook from which to catch the sunset! This combo is probably one of my favorites to shoot.

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#2: Bull Creek

Bull Creek is one of my go-to locations. It’s got lots of variety in backgrounds, so your session doesn’t feel stale – we’re always moving! It’s a really a neat looking spot with a creek and lots of rock formations and slightly overgrown trails. Because of how the light is at this location, we’ll want to start shooting no later than 2 hours before sunset. Bull Creek really captures the “Austin outdoors.”  If you want to bring your dog, this is a great location to do so! 
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#3: McKinney Falls State Park

Austin certainly doesn’t have a shortage of outdoor nature locations to choose from, but MFSP is one of the best. There’s lots of lush green space here, as well as access to water. I love the open space with the neutral rock – its easy on bare feet and reflects light onto your skin, which is the beeeest for photos. Its big enough to not have to worry about it being too crowded for photos (which can be a concern with a spot like Bull Creek), and there’s always a new spot to discover. 
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#4: Sekrit Theatre

This is a very “Austin” location. Sekrit Theatre is sort of an Austin icon – one that Austin has had to fight to keep alive. A greenhouse and plenty of eclectic furniture in an intimate backyard setting offers lots of different options for a session. There’s truly nothing else like this in Austin! 
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#5: Enchanted Rock

Ok – technically not Austin, about an hour and half outside city limits, but worth mentioning! If you’re willing to make the drive, you can hike a giant pink rock and get some gorgeous portraits. There’s so much to choose from here, from the creeks that snake through the ground level, to the desert wildlife that grows on the trails up the mountain – to the flat top of the rock where you can catch some seriously gorgeous light. 
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