The Ultimate Guide to Rocking Your Engagement Session

Okay. So you’ve booked your photographer and now they’re asking to schedule your engagement session! Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed – where should we shoot (do I even pick that?), what do I wear, and how on earth do people on Pinterest look so stunningly candid and naturally posed? Fear not – here is your ultimate guide to rocking your engagement session! This is REAL, actionable info from years of experience to help you prepare and go into your engagement photos feeling self-assured!

Step One

Wear something that makes you feel confident.
I actually plan on writing a whole other guide specifically on what to wear for your engagements, because I could talk about this all day! But the basics are, make sure your outfit suits the location , aim for complimenting colors rather than matching, and wear something that you feel AMAZING in. I want your confidence to shine through so that the focus is on you, not on your clothes. Avoid clothing that emphasizes areas you’re insecure about, or doesn’t fit quite right. So instead of ordering a new dress that’s going to arrive the day before the shoot, maybe pull out that tried-and-true date night outfit that makes you feel like Beyonce instead!

Step Two

Don’t be shy!
The more open, candid, and affectionate you guys are, the better. Don’t hold back from laughing, kissing, embracing, or even getting emotional. I know it can be weird/different when you know there’s a camera there, but try to forget about it and just be YOU guys. Remember, these are your pictures – your memories! Go in with an open mind. I know taking photos makes a lot of people nervous – but if you go in setting an intention to have fun, love on each other, and just enjoy spending time together, the nerves will melt away before you know it. Our mindset often shapes our reality!

Step Three

Seriously, communicate! Tell me what your vision is. Tell me if you have concerns. Be specific. Tell me what your comfort level is with photos. Tell me what kind of mixture of posed/candid you’re hoping for. Tell me if you need these photos for a save the date or if you need a really good horizontal one for the wedding website so that I can shoot accordingly. The more you tell me, the more I can adjust so that your experience and your photos are exactly what you want.

Step Four

Style it so that it’s “you.”
As we make decisions in planning your session, always circle back to the question of “is this us?” Do you guys love spending time outside? Maybe you grew up doing cookouts by the lake? Let’s do your session by the lake and soak in that sunset! Or maybe you guys enjoy getting dressed up and going out for sushi! Let’s do a more urban, modern vibe. Are you guys musicians? Bring your instrument! Bring the dog! Bring a bottle of champagne! Or maybe you want to splurge for a loose bouquet of flowers to add some romance and beauty? It can be easy to go overboard with other “stuff,” so keep it simple and keep it meaningful. Whatever it may be – remember that this is about you and your vision and your love. Let’s style your session in such a way that it tells YOUR story.

Step Five

Trust me.
So now that we’ve established your vision, trust me to execute it! Let go of the idea of copying candid moments you’ve seen on Pinterest and trust that I’ll guide you through candid moments of your own. Know that I’ll direct you and guide you the whole time so that the energy is never dead or awkward. Trust me to find the best lighting, and to deliver you photos that are stylistically consistent with what you’ve seen in my portfolio. Trust me that I genuinely care about you guys and about your photos.

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