Picking Your Wedding Colors? There’s More to Choose From Than Blush + Gold.

As we near the end of February, a lot of you who got engaged over the holidays (and even those of you who have been engaged for a while) are probably starting to dive into the wedding planning full force! Today we are talking about color palettes for 2019 + 2020. Your color palette is the steering wheel – the guiding light – behind all your wedding decor decisions. Everything from bridesmaid dresses, to table linens, napkins, invitations, and so much more is decided by the colors you choose. And can I be honest? As a photographer, there are certain color palettes that I see over and over again. I think a lot of this is due to Pinterest – what’s popular is what you see more of, and it can be easy to think that that’s all that’s out there. Plus, its safe! Like, we’ve all seen blush and gold done a million times (or maroon in the fall), so it’s sorta guaranteed to look good.

But, what myself and your other wedding professionals truly desire for you is that you create a day that is uniquely yours. A wedding that is representative of you and your partner’s personalities, allllll the way down to the colors.

So, to help me shake up the game on wedding colors, I brought in the big guns! Kate + Co is a luxury event design firm with a panache for hospitality. Although their roots are in the Midwest, they’ve planned and produced stunning affairs across North America. For them, it’s all in the details. That’s why they always start with a color story! It’s the perfect jumping off point to set the tone for your big day. And y’all – these color stories are not just a quick little mood board thrown together on Canva. These color stories that they produce for their clients are often 100+ pages of wedding inspiration uniquely tailored to that couple, showing how the colors they chose are woven into every detail. If anyone is the expert on wedding colors, it’s Kate + Co.! They have come up with FOUR unqiue, beautiful, creative color palettes to help inspire you as you plan your wedding.

Ok, jumping right in!

In Living Coral

To be honest, when Pantone first came out with Living Coral for 2019, I wasn’t too sure. But seeing it now, I think it’s the perfect accent color against those summery pastels. That’s another benefit of working with someone like Kate – colors you never thought in a MILLION years would work for a wedding, all of a sudden make so much sense. From Kate + Co: “We married the East Coast Shore inspired blue with Pantones’ “Living Coral” — our color of the year. These peachy inspired accents colors pack a big punch and would be perfect for any summer soirée. We’re dreaming of picture perfect attire in black and white, velvet linens in your ’tucket blue, and well balanced florals between coral and kiss. We love how this is inspired by the well-loved blush, without actually being pink! PS yes, I did just suggest velvet in the summer, and I’m here for it!”

Secret Garden

I’m reeeeally loving the combo of deep colors and pastels with this one. I also feel like this palette debunks the notion that you can only work with two or three wedding colors. You can still have a cohesive wedding using multiple shades and variants of a color! Deep reds and greens are a really popular fall combo – maybe switch it up a little with this palette? From Kate + Co: “Welcome to an oasis of color! Imagine walking through an arbor covered in vines. Your guests are seated and long, wooden feasting tables, draped with decadent, whimsical flowers in every shade of raspberry + peach imaginable. Lighting twinkles above and greens are aplenty, spilling out of arrangements, creating that perfect luxurious, garden feel. Your partner enters the room, in the most perfect slate-blue suit, a twinkle in their eye, you look around and know you landed on the perfect colors for your special day! When you turned on the pink, neon light that reads “Let’s Party” hiding behind the band just before dancing begins, you guys know the day was the perfect amount of floral and fun!”

Purple Rain

I had a purple color scheme for my own wedding, so this one makes me particularly happy! I absolutely love the the textures they incorporated as well. This one is a little more subdued – so if bold citrus color aren’t your jam, we still got you covered! From Kate + Co: “We picture an enormous tent, draped in soft, snow-colored, chiffon drape. The ceiling is covered in hanging wisteria + lavender. The color scheme taps in to all five of the guests sense, with the use of lavender scented candles on every table top. The hand-painted invitations done in a soft water color set the mood for this event, a seaside affair. Greens with a grey undertone are seen throughout the structured florals on the custom, marble table tops. Crystal glassware with a gleaning pewter accent drives home the look of this black-tie affair. We imagine finishing off the evening with homemade lavender ice cream, made fresh to order!”

Southern Citrus

This one might be my favorite! I’m imagining a summer wedding when all our favorite fruits are in season, everything is lush and warm, and the sun doesn’t set until almost 9:00. Can you guys tell I love summer? I also love the Southern flair. I’d love to see more of that refined Southern look in my Texas weddings, which tend to lean more rustic. From Kate + Co: “Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a sixteen foot citrus bar. Picture lemon, lime, and orange trees lining the back bar with a white and poppy wide-stripped canopy overhead. Atop the bar are bowls and bowls of beautiful colored citrus, leaves in tact. Smiling mixologists donning custom bow-ties and monogrammed aprons are ready to create a citrus inspired cocktail customized and made fresh for each guest. As they enjoy their shrimp and grits, served with your linen like cocktail napkins complete with the laurel used on your invitation, some guests begin swaying to the music from the string quartet. As they enter the dining room, with crisp white linens and bright colorful flowers, guests begin to notice all the blue and white vintage glassware atop the most perfect wooden charger set. Gold accented cutlery and glassware give the room the perfect formal feel while the bars made of custom boxwood hedges drive home that southern feel!”


Real Life Advice

So maybe you’ve seen these and you’re thinking….those look beautiful, but there’s no way I can pull off something that different. Take a cue from my beautiful bride Rebecka, who totally changed her color theme after I suggested something bolder. Not only did it turn out ~beautiful~, but her wedding ended up featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs! She says:

“During our engagement session, Lucy and I were talking about various wedding details. Color scheme came up, and I told her I wasn’t quite set. She suggested a colorful color scheme of vibrant red, dusty blue, and white. Honestly, I’m my head I was not digging it, but just said it sounded nice to not be rude. While planning our waterfront wedding for Memorial Day weekend, I thought of Lucy’s suggestion. Suddenly, it seemed PERFECT! I started searching on Pinterest and found some beautiful and inspiring pictures there. Looking back, I am SO grateful for Lucy’s recommendation—which I didn’t even like at first. Using a colorful palette gave our wedding a much more lovely and upbeat feeling. It also immensely added to our “Memorial Day on the lake” vibe. The bright colors in our photographs also make for a nice change and catch people’s eye when they’re looking at them. Our photos and colors are honestly two of the things we got complemented on most from the wedding! Bright colors were something that scared me so much at the beginning of wedding planning, but it turned out to be one of the decisions I’m most thankful for….besides booking Lucy!”


A BIG thank you to Kate and Co. for partnering with me on this article! If you want a uniquely designed wedding but need creative AND organizational help – they are your people. I can’t emphasize enough how obsessed I am with their process, and wonderful the people behind the palettes are.


Looking for a photographer who can capture those gorgeous colors and do them justice, via the beauty of film? I got you covered!