How Much Photography Coverage Do I Really Need?

Knowing how long you need your photographer for can be a tricky decision. It can be surprising to realize how much coverage you actually need in order to make sure your wedding day is captured from beginning to end! To help break it down a little, I’m going through the amount of coverage that correlates to each of my wedding packages and explaining what factors make that particular amount the best choice.

6 HOURS: Sounds like a lot, but isn’t. You’d be surprised how fast 6 hours goes on a wedding day. I actually only book 6 hour collections on Sundays-Fridays now because 99.9999999% of Saturday weddings really do need 8+ hours. Nevertheless, this is a good collection for all the super intimate weddings out there. If this is an intimate wedding with less than 75 people where everything is happening in the same location and you don’t plan on having a super long reception, this is the package for you.

8 HOURS: My most booked amount! I would say it’s the standard in my area. This is a good amount if you have a pretty sizable guest list and bridal party, but everything is still happening in the same place (getting ready, ceremony, reception). You can fit some detail shots, getting ready, and those late night dancing photos into this timeframe. It is pretty much one thing after another until you get to the reception, but like I said – the vast majority of my couples book this amount of time and it works beautifully for them!

11(+) HOURS: There are two kinds of couples who book this package. Some couples who could get away with 8 hours, but would rather have a more relaxed wedding day timeline (i.e. more candids! more fun! less stress!) choose this. It gives me a lot more time on the front end of the wedding day to hang out with the bridal party while you guys get ready and I feel like these galleries are very “complete” if you know what I mean. The other type of people who book this are those who really do need all that time because not everything is happening at one location. For example, if you’re getting ready at a hotel, getting married at church, and partying at a venue, you really do need this extra time in order to cover the travel time between locations.

Of course, every wedding is unique and your coverage needs might not fall on one of those three amounts. Maybe you need 7, or 9, 10, or 13 – I don’t know! In that case, make sure to ask your photographer if they offer extra hours of coverage as an a-la-carte add on like I do.

Want to know the best way to use your coverage and have the best lighting for photos all day? Download a free sample timeline here!


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